Coupled with her technical skills is a real talent for relating to people and earning their trust.

Took what some

might think of as a

nerdy topic and made it fun! In fact, she made people want

to learn.

(Her) ability to analyze a communication problem, combined with her technical skill, created several best practices.

What Coworkers say




exceptionally creative


strong leader


delivers quality services


a valuable resource




positive attitude










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"I am always impressed by her positive attitude, creativity, and pride in her work. She helped me so many times (by) being able to translate our technical-speak into concepts that everyone in the business could understand and even become excited about." -- IT Consultant, GE

"Cheryl is an exceptionally creative communications specialist, with a genuine sense of how to elevate a company's processes. Coupled with her technical skill is a real talent for relating to people, and earning their trust. I would highly recommend her." -- Vice President, Sr. Manager Compliance at BMO Harris Private Banking


"Cheryl has demonstrated the ability to deal with professionals at all levels, communicate effectively to a wide audience, and deliver quality services in a time-effective manner." -- Senior Manager, ITS Communications, Deloitte Services LP


"Cher's ability to analyze a communication problem combined with her technical skill created several best practices, including a (digital) newsletter that was adopted as a best practice across the company. Her humor and goal-oriented approach to work makes her an asset." -- Manager, Digital & Extended Audiences Communication, GE


"Cher possesses strong leadership and excellent communication skills. Her positive attitude and professionalism were critical to the success of several projects ... a valuable resource ..."  -- Global Communications Director, GE


"Cheryl took what some might think of as a nerdy topic and made it fun! In fact, she made people want to learn." -- U.S. Communications Manager, Deloitte & Touche


"Detailed and task-driven, Cheryl was known for hitting her goals." -- Vice President, Big Data Analytics and Integrated Digital Enterprise, Allstate


"As an instructor, Cheryl is intuitive, creative, and interactive with her students. I am always happy when Cheryl is teaching a class--on campus or on-line." -- Academic Director of Distance Learning, Kendall College (Chicago)